Steve Lacy – Cody Freestyle Lyrics

Steve Lacy Cody Freestyle Lyrics

Sometimes I feel the weight
Of codependency
I don’t deserve the blame
I just don’t feel the same
The feelings I attained
They trickle down the drain
I’m just not entertained
There isn’t much to gain

Why you bother me?
Don’t depend on me, no
Unless you’re swallowing
I could use your deep throat
We don’t gotta be
Together, forever (Together, forever)
‘Cause I could do better (I could do better)
Why settle for lesser (Why settle for lesser)
Or Hector or Jacob or Kenny? (Or Hector or Jacob or Kenny?)
There’s plenty
Through the city
So be good or I’ll be tempted
Temper tantrum
Said, “I love you” never meant it
You was handsome
With a heavy dick, a cannon
You do damage
You really workin’ with you resources
And baby, I ain’t mad at it
It’s just that I don’t like that tie down shit
If you know tryna put the leg work in

Please, don’t bother me
Don’t depend on me, no
Are you following?
I’on never ask for that much