NSG – Daily Duppy, Part 2 Lyrics

NSG Daily Duppy Part 2 Lyrics (feat. GRM Daily), Daily Duppy Part 2 Lyrics NSG

Grew up vicious like black panthers
Mentors, drug dealers and gang bangers
A lot of badman, defo some good man
I learnt to hustle man, I defo learnt the jug
Ride for my bruddas, and I’ll buss through your hood
Should I see man violate and I’ll do it cah I could
Lion hearted in this concrete jungle
The clean hearted turn devil in the struggle

Thats still no excuse
Kanye got a billion, man I can too
Main prayer unity then the wealth comes too
Gorillas, goats and snakes in my zoo
I’m a black star, west side of Africa
Warrior, guidance from my ancestor
My sorcerer, speaking on my future
Friends de tight like Rachael and Monica

Prayers in the mosque I know Elon
Good die young I must live long
Close friends really became distance
Abdul never forget where you come from
Prayers for knowledge and the wisdom
Back as a youngen it was for funds
Now the money coming in abundance
Another girlie said she wanna one dance

Calls me starboy she sees it in me
Still feel illegal, my passport is green
Why is student finance still chasing me
They didn’t gimme p’s, I funded me
All’a this pain no need amoxicillin
Only remedy is through melody
Dark shades on they can’t see what I see
Told baby girl please don’t trust in me

Don’t end up a victim tryna be the bad guy
Area boyz ain’t a brand, it’s a franchise
Shit ain’t been the same ever since unc died
Ain’t my blood but we still got family ties
From your stance I can tell that you’re telling lies
Bro went legit from county lines
You ain’t seen the ghost before you see KWAY live
My guy will smoke you for less than a 3.5

Bro done the dirt and still buss case
Rolex cost more than a CLA
If she bad enough, fly her go LA
Acting like my guy but I know you hate
Teshie taught me to appreciate what I got
Hackney taught me take what’s mine n yours
Like bro can’t forget wear I’m from
That’s why I rob man I give thanks to my lord