midwxst – under fire Lyrics

midwxst under fire Lyrics

As of late, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been under fire
Way too impatient, I feel like I should just go retire
Walking a thin line, I’m praying I don’t fall off the wire
I don’t have honesty cus’ it’s something that’s not required
Cus’ I don’t really need to talk bout how I feel
Cus’ nobodies gon’ really care girl, lets be real
My heart is solid, know it’s made up out of steel
Emotions hidden, know I keep them all concealed

And I can only keep it going for so long
I know my Auntie watching me, gotta stay strong
I don’t know how much longer I can just make songs
Talking bout how I feel and have you all sing along
Cus’ it don’t feel right
Venting on the mic, I’m praying you don’t feel my pain
Can’t even hear my pain
Waking up, I know I’ll feel the same

And I know that I’ll regret it
Taking back my words
Really wish I never said it
Uh, Got haters typing up on Reddit
If you really got a problem
Let me know and we can get it
People scared to take risks but I did that
I been myself and I done ran me up a big bag
Wear that Junya with that Undercover mismatched
I don’t got time to beef lil n****, fucking miss me with that
I’m way above this shit
I’m only 19 crossing off my bucket list
And I’m gon’ keep it pushing
Know I stay up in the Ritz
I ain’t stopping till me and my brothers fucking rich
And that’s on god, yeah I put that on the man
Everybody tryna fuck with me cus now I’m in demand
I’ve had people that was hating all the sudden turn to fans
Now they steady in my phone telling me “Give em’ a chance”