Joey Bada$$ – Make Me Feel Lyrics

Joey Bada$$ Make Me Feel Lyrics, Joey Badass Make Me Feel Lyrics

Something in the way you make me feel
Feel, feel (Statik Selektah)
Tell you, baby
Something in the way you make me feel
Feel, feel (Uh)

When opportunity meets preparation, I’m goin’ off like a detonation
I want it all, fuck a reparation
I do it all with no hesitation
Fuck a punchline, I hit ’em with a combination like this shit was second nature
Layin’ down the law like this shit is legislature
Alligator jaws sayin’ ain’t nobody greater
I bow my head and do my numbers like it’s nothin’ major
Over time, I’ve been too humble, time to up the wager
Eight figures later, got my life all figured out
Gotta have tunnel vision if you wanna make it out
No fear of missin’ out
Ten thousand hours in, now it’s time to make it count
Investin’ ten percent of whatever in my bank account
Just in case we see bad weather, I hit a nice amount
You don’t really lose on stocks, never, ‘less you take ’em out
Thinkin’ ’bout puttin’ some equity in another house

Thin line between brevity and longevity
One thing I never sacrifice is integrity
I ain’t nothin’ like these rappers, it’s a disparity
None of these n***** is seein’ me, just for clarity
Rest in peace to STEEZ and Jun’, they put the battery inside my back
Now I’m back to leave a casualty and flee the scene casually
I ain’t even gotta aim, it’s all hip accuracy
Amen in Jesus name, my n***** still gon’ blast for me

N***** got audacity thinkin’ they could come after me
Runnin’ this shit on these tracks just like an athlete
Automatic classic when Joey get on a Statik beat
All my bars are appreciate with time like a Patek Philippe
Ooh, I been thrivin’

New Presi’ on my wrist, call it Joe Biden
If I shoot, I never miss, I’ma keep firin’
The flow tyrant, I woke up and chose violence
Product of my environment walkin’ in my alignment
I’m the reason why n***** talkin’ ’bout retirement
I’m the reason why n***** often have been silent
Bow down to your highness, Brooklyn’s finest
This flow make ’em think there’s something wrong with they sinus
I came up from the underground and had to keep climbin’
I peep game like Jada, that’s why he didn’t sign
And said keep the game at bay like the 49ers
47 shit, Steezy lookin’ down smilin’
Stars keep alignin’ so we gotta keep shinin’
I’m rare cut like a motherfuckin’ pink diamond
The irony, I been the one you n***** underminin’, n****

This is somethin’ to remind ’em
Hidden in the rough, where you find ’em
Shine so bright that it just might blind ’em
Your favorite rappers wouldn’t be enough if you combined them n*****

Something in the way you make me feel
No tolerance for violators, that won’t fly haters
Feel, feel
Had enough of y’all fakers, took a hiatus

Got forties in the windows with the view of skyscrapers
Tell you, baby
Something in the way you make me feel
Feel, feel
And it makes me feel real good